Welcome to NC State Ozlu Soil Management Lab

This extension and research program is focused on the soil health, soil organic matter, and saltwater intrusion related issues in different soil management practices and cropping systems through maximizing crop yield and optimizations of soil health. Soil management practices including tillage practices, cover crop adaptation to different climate conditions and soil types, crop residue management, organic amendment incorporation are main focus of this program.

This program is part of the CASM (Climate adaptation through Agriculture & Soil Management)  research initiative.

Ongoing research and extension projects includes but not limited to:

  • Living mulch and grazing techniques to improve soil health and weed control for farmers transitioning to organic farming across climatic zones, funded by USDA – NIFA – ORG
  • Tillage and cover crop management to reduce the negative impacts of soil strength on soil carbon and corn yield, funded by Corn Growers Association of North Carolina
  • Cover Crop and Tillage Interactions for Higher Soybean Yield in North Carolina Coastal Plain, funded by North Carolina Soybean Association
  • Integrated Appropriate Cover Crop and Tillage Systems to Enhance Soil Health, funded by Corn Growers Association of North Carolina